The German association of dental implantology (DGZI) has already many members and colleagues in the Arab world. In cooperation with our partners we have decided to organize yearly the Arab-German congress of dental implantology. The first Arab-German meeting was held in Dubai in 2004. The Arab German meeting-which became the Arab German congress later was then held in several places like in Dubai, Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and Amman. Afterwards, we decided to extend our activities and partnership to the Maghreb countries: Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Mauretania. Consequently DGZI decided to organize together with our partner Universiapolis, the first German-Maghreb countries Meeting of Dental Implantology in Agadir, southern Morocco’s most-visited city that is known for its well-maintained beaches and great hospitality.

*Main Objectives of the congress:
-Consolidate the Arab and Germans expertise on issues relating to Dental Implantology.
-Exchanging expertise in the field of Implantology between Arab Maghreb people and Germans.
-Creating a social community between Europeans and Arabians especially between Germany and Maghreb countries.


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