Many of those involved with fiat currencies face difficulty obtaining clear information regarding cryptocurrencies industry. This problem comes from the fact that many investors tend to reduce the whole technology of the blockchain to the Bitcoin.

Although the Bitcoin represents an excellent solution, many other crypto-assets/ Altcoins might constitute a solution to different problems, particularly in the emerging markets.

Our Mission is to smooth the issue of above by enhancing digital solutions accessible from all and targeting the hesitating but huge population interested in cryptocurrencies to get them know better this vast and revolutionary industry.

– Developers, Security Engineers, Hackers, Coders.

– The registration will end on 29th at Midnight or when the maximum number of participants is reached.
– The Team can be composed of one or two participants.
– Developers must perform on-site between the start and end times for the hackathon.
– Participants are permitted to use only open source tools.
– Teams will own their source codes.

– GBP 100.00

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