« Cafe Talk » is an open space for youth to express their opinions and debate about social issues that impact our society. It is an opportunity that grants young people the chance to empower their initiative and launch their projects after gathering ideas and insights from participants. This project is open for everyone who believes that dialogue is the first step towards change.

This Saturday’s topic will be: « Climate change and violent extremism » – Join us to explore the topic, share your ideas, and come up with collaborative solutions!

Check out the official website for details: http://cafetalks.org/


Like all American Corner events, this program is free of charge and welcome to all! RSVP your attendance here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16_VoMkSr3uaWCLNJUklvMuknm7wZXxIqPkSXgwDVhE0/viewform?ts=56e0a2f9&edit_requested=true#response=ACYDBNjZZxBeuMQIWbk1gDW9lTmSFQWBUhzL3JyXHXV1ZSR1cgsBj0O7aPiruGw

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