3ème Atelier Community Management

Atelier gratuit et ouvert a tous sur simple inscription. Le Social Media Club Tunisia compte organiser un atelier « Le Métier de Community Manager », le samedi 05 Novembre 2016 à partir de 13h à l’Université libre de Tunis (ULT) . Cet

Cnudst – Elsevier : Formation Gratuite à la FDSPT

Le CNUDST organise en collaboration avec l’éditeur Elsevier une formation gratuite et sans inscription le Mercredi 2 novembre 2016 à la Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques de Tunis de Université de Tunis El Manar.

English Matters in Tunisia and the MENA Region

Please read the admission instructions carefully. This event is the first of four bi-monthly educational meetings organized by the Tunisian Fulbright Society (TFS). We will talk about matters related to the practice of the English language teaching from an academic and business


Séminaire organisé par la Fondation Africaine de la gouvernance numérique pour le développement inclusif en collaboration avec la Municipalité de La Marsa Le 25 octobre 2016 sur les locaux de la Municipalité de la Marsa Présentation Contexte La nouvelle Constitution engage fermement

ICANN : internet governance and the Domain Name System

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Centre de Calcul El-Khawarizmi (CCK) are pleased to announce their collaboration on a Youth Education Initiative to enhance capacity in Tunisia through a bi-monthly series of educational workshops. This initiative is part

IAESTE Tunisia : Inscription

L’inscription pour tous ceux voulant adhérer à IAESTE Tunisia sera ouverte le 31 Octobre 2016. Pour s’inscrire il suffit de compléter le formulaire de pré-inscription disponible sur le lien suivant: lien d’inscription Et de ramener les documents ci dessous à notre bureau

The 8th Tunis Exchange Conference

The Exchange is an effort by Mideastwire.com and its partners to promote understanding and academic enrichment through a variety of city-focused conferences in the Middle East and North Africa. During their stay, typically lasting from one to two weeks, students and professionals

BmyBit Hackathon Tunis 2016

Many of those involved with investments in currencies face difficulties when searching for information regarding crypto currencies. This problem comes from the fact that many investors tend to reduce the whole technology of the blockchain to the Bitcoin. Although the Bitcoin represents


It’s the best time of the year when the Google Developers Groups decide to introduce you delightfully, the most anticipated event of this year, « GDG DevFest Sfax 2016 », which is the biggest Google related event in Tunisia accurately crafted by GDG community!