• Awards Topics for This Year

Curious to learn more about the challenges of this edition! Here you go, hope you are ready to take the deal and win the award of droidcon Tunisia 2016.

    • Mobile App Challenge for civic life
      If you have experienced an unmet need in your everyday life, at work, at home or elsewhere in your civic life, you can now translate that idea or observation into a mobile app and surprise us with your innovative touch!
    • Mobile App Challenge for gaming:
      We are searching for the most addicting mobile game, if you know you are able to hook our judges and make them impressed submit your app.
    • Mobile App Challenge for Education
      Create a mobile application that makes education more fun, that inspires others to learn something new and encourages continued mental development.
  •  Rules & judges

How will the teams be judged and evaluated?

Teams are judged on the below categories:

    • Is it freshly entertaining? or a new approach to an old problem?
    • Is a better way to do something efficiently/effectively/elegantly?
    • Is it original? Is it useful? Is it exciting?
    • Has it an Excellent UI/UX?
    • NO BUGS…
  •  Can I participate in more than one challenge?

You can participate in one challenge, two challenges, or all three challenges. It’s completely up to you.

  •  Application & Timeline
    • Applications are open ONLY for droidcon Tunisia 2016 participants
    • Every team must be composed of up to 3 persons
    • Mobile app must address a need of one of the three challenges
    • The submission will be open on February 29th, 2016 and closed by March 03rd, 2016.
    • If your entire team is unable to attend, please make sure at least 1 team member is present.
    • The application needs to be published on Google Play and updated latest on March 03rd.
    • Selected teams will be invited to pitch their apps on Sunday 6th of March 2015 afternoon.
    • Winning apps will be announced on the March 6th, 2016 in the final ceremony
  •  What could I win?

The award of droidcon Tunisia 2016 which grant you the title of the best developer of droidcon Tunisia 2016’s challenges. This award will be a very good reference for your future career.

Will it be at least one winner in every section?

  1. NO. If you are not the best you will not win even if you are the only one in your section. we will have an extended jury of experts that will judge your app and give it a note / 10. if you don’t get more than 9 of 10, you will not be a winner.




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