The National Engineering School of Sousse along with the IEEE ENISo SB are jointly organizing the first edition of the « ENISo Internet of Things Challenge », A challenge that will set your creative-mode ON!
Because in a world that chose to speak High-tech fluently ,The National Engineering School of Sousse can’t but work relentlessly to immerse itself in the spectrum of the today’s state-of-the-art technologies.
That’s why we linked our challenge to IoT, A topic that comes to you right from the future!
« ENISo IoT Challenge » will gather 6 teams to perpetually compete for straight 48 hours.
Every team has 3 pairs of students = a total of 6 students per team and every pair belongs to a different major from the other two pairs (Applied computer eng ,Industrial Electronics eng, Mechatronics eng )
The kickoff of our event will be launched on the 13th of April with a series of conferences that revolve around the IoT themes.
The Challenge will then take place at ENISo on the 15th of April starting from 6:30 PM and will end on the 17th of April on 6:30 PM.
The teams are expected to deliver a product (or build up a prototype) that could solve a problem or satisfy a need in the tackled field or topic ( the topics of the challenge will be annouced right before the start of the competition).
Students will have access to a different range of tools and materials ( i.e : Arduino Boards , Raspberry pi boards .. etc ) However these materials will only be announced on the day of the challenge.
Every product will be judged based on a list of criterions which we will post as soon as possible.

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