In partnership with Startup Haus, we are happy to host Mr Christoph Raethke, Founder of Berlin’s boutique accelerator program « Berlin Startup Academy » on Tuesday, November 7th, at LEVEL 1 to share with us his insights about how Berlin became a hub for startups and his recommendations on how to build a strong startup ecosystem in our cities.

The event is free to attend.

About Christoph:

« Christoph is the founder of Berlin’s boutique accelerator program Berlin Startup Academy, and runs Entrepreneurship Education at GTEC, Germany’s leading campus for digitalization.Having joined his first startup team in 1999, Christoph has been hosting tech events since 2008, leading accelerators since 2010, and presenting Germany’s most successful talk show on entrepreneurship since 2013. Additionally, Christoph has been particularly active working with leadership teams of large German and European corporations and – in his role as a BMW Foundation « Responsible Leader » – social startups, helping both to make use of digitalization to re-organize, scale, and thrive. In addition, he is responsible for the Startup Review section of German business/ lifestyle magazine Business Punk. »

Photo credits go to Intilaq Tunisia

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