Artificial intelligence is a technology that one day will revolutionize the entire world with the pace that it is progressing. We as students, future engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs are concerned with this whirlwind that is taking the world by surprise. So we need to develop our knowledge and skills to keep up with this evolution.

The IEEE ENICarthage Student Branch, with the help of its partners: GoMyCode, InstaDeep and Facebook Developer Circle, decided to bring you a way to get involved in this field: a 40-hour long program that will not only give you the theoretical and practical skills to participate in our upcoming AI Hackathon, but also give you a push to keep progressing in this field and achieve greater things.
The program will be divided to 10 sessions, each 4 hours long, as follows:

1st session (February 20th) : python for data science: Jupyter notebook, numpy pandas scikit-learn, matplotlib,..

2nd session (February 24th) : basic linear algebra & statistics, PCA.

3rd session (February 27th) : data preparation Data pre-processing & data wrangling.

4th session (March 3rd) : Using API & scripts to get data from different resources

5th session (April 3rd) : supervised learning : Classification & regression : different algorithms & use cases

6th session (April 7th) : supervised learning : Classification & regression : different algorithms & use cases

7th session (April 10th) : unsupervised learning: Clustering

8th session (April 14th) : unsupervised learning: Clustering

9th session (April 17th) : working with text NLP

10th session (April 22nd) : A small project and deployment.

Wednesday sessions will start at 2 PM while Sunday sessions will start at 9 AM, all in GoMyCode’s Hackerspace Tunis, which they generously granted us.

The registration price for this academy was set to 20TD for the whole 40 hours. Payment details will be sent to you later.
If you would like to participate, please register here:

Note: This academy is public, but places will be limited to ensure a well run purposeful program, that is why there will be a pre-selection so prepare your resumes or CVs, they are required for the registration.

Info line:
Heni Ouni – 97626041

Welcome. ♥

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