Internet Governance, DNSSEC and Security of the Tunisian Academic Cyberspace

November 7 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm UTC+0


This is a 9th in a series of workshops co-organized by CCK and ICANN, with the objective of engaging with the Tunisian academic community and educating them on the Internet Governance ecosystem with a focus on ICANN’s work and the Internet’s Unique Identifiers. These workshops are envisioned to complement information delivered as part of the academic curriculum, and to give a sense of how knowledge gained from textbooks looks in real life.

This 9th workshop will have as a main theme DNSSEC and the security of the Tunisian Academic Cyberspace. The program will consist of three lectures. The first lecture will provide a brief introduction of the role and mission of CCK as well as an overview of the ICANN Academic Engagement Program. The second lecture is a tutorial on the various aspects of Internet Governance and the role of ICANN in the Global Ecosystem as well as on how Internet addresses, names and numbers are allocated and managed.  The third lecture shall provide a detailed explanation on how the DNS and DNSSEC work

The workshop will be concluded with a roundtable animated by representatives from CCKICANNATI and academic institutions of the region with the objective of discussing various issues related to the national research and education network and the Internet ecosystem..


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