Recently we hear everyone’s talking about Blockchain, but you’re still not sure what it is exactly?
You want to understand Blockchain; its benefits and limitations?
You want to experiment, ideate and develop a use case and witness the hype by your own eyes?
You’re confused by the thousands of articles speaking and promoting nascent technologies, without obvious concern to your core activity and you’re afraid you’re missing the whole picture?
You’re engaging into a Blockchain, Dapps projects and you anticipate a need for more reliable minds and hands to think, implement and test, with a guarantee of quality?

Join us for our next IEEE Computer Society meet up with :
– Imen Ayari, Head of Innovation at Talan Tunisia.
-Sami Belhadj : Technical & Delivery Manager at  » New access  »

Wednesday November 22 at 14:00 at Enicarthage (AMPHI S1)

During our meet up, the speakers will introduce us to the Blockchain technology as it is used to leverage business and collaboration and they will also initiate a discussion on the benefits and limits of such disruptive technology.

Book your ticket now (limited tickets)
Infoline : 93 339 450 – 55 010 020

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