Louay Benaabdelaali (Baba Louay) is a blogger, a speaker, a life enthusiast, an asker of questions, and a storyteller. He is active as a workshop designer and meditation instructor. Louay holds a MA degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, founded « What’s your Dream? » – an award-winning project aiming at rethinking the way we live toward more fulfilment and happiness – and continues to lead other initiatives and social experiments revolving around the theme of social change.

He is amazed by the power of education as a game changer, about art as a social solution, creativity and poetry as tools to nurture emotional intelligence and meditation as a trainer of the mind. Around these aspects, his independent work and collaborations with other NGOs evolve. He is currently the MENA Coordinator of Peace Revolution project by World Peace Initiative Foundation. Learn more about this intitiative here: https://peacerevolution.net/

On Tuesday, April 19 Louay will lead a 90-minute presentation and guided meditation session in the American Corner. RSVP below and see you there!

Link to RSVP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16_VoMkSr3uaWCLNJUklvMuknm7wZXxIqPkSXgwDVhE0/edit?usp=sharing_eid&ts=56e0a2f9#response=ACYDBNjZZxBeuMQIWbk1gDW9lTmSFQWBUhzL3JyXHXV1ZSR1cgsBj0O7aPiruGw

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