Sfax Programming Contest (SPC)

We hereby, the steering committee of the SFAX PROGRAMMING CONTEST, announce the inauguration of the first “Problem Solving” Contest which will take place on the 31st of March, 2016 at Thyna Hotel Sfax (please see the enclosed map). The main objective of such contest is to generate PROBLEM SOLVERS in different arenas (Mathematics, Game Theory, Graph theory, Number theory and Dynamic programming).

As a general overview of the rules, this contest encompasses different strict regulations mainly that the students MUST belong to the same institution or affiliation regardless their academic level. These students must form a team of three contestants and a coach who MUST belong to the same institution. It is also imperative that no more than two teams from the same institution could participate. It is a prerequisite for this contest that participants MUST at least master one of the four programming languages required: C, C++, JAVA, Python. (For further clarification/registration please consult SPC2016 website at spc.factorycampus.net).

Well before the registration in the contest, it is strictly imperative that the teams willing to participate read thoroughly the SPC-2016 Rules file (Rules and regulations, problems format, programming your solution, problem sample, using PC^2) as indicated in the above mentioned SPC2016 website.

This first edition is exclusively under the auspices of the PRIVATE POLYTECHNICS ISTITUTE OF ADVANCED SCIENCE OF SFAX and YOUSOFT-IT. This institute will take charge of a training session devoted for all the teams willing to subscribe in the website.

As a future prospect, we wish, via this edition of programming contest, that SPC would be recognized by ACM.


This contest is only restricted to the students who belong to the higher institutions of Sfax.

******The application deadline is March 23, 2016. So don’t miss SPC2016 (Consult spc.factorycampus.net for registration).
The three top ranking teams will be AWARDED « Valuable Prizes » with respect their classification.
The participation is a free of charge

The idea of this contest is attributed to Hedi Tmar and Atef Masmoudi.

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