In this context, the SMARTDEV International Forum, object of this call for communication, aims to study the
different ways in which it can contribute to the analysis, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and
dissemination of sustainable development objectives. The SMARTDEV 2019 Forum aims to develop a
sustainable development model: New, Intelligent, and Decentralized. The themes of the Forum are titled:
• Development Model,
• Urbanization,
• Development and History,
• Enterprise Development,
• Human Capital,
• Industrial Sector,
• Agricultural Sector,
• Services Sector.
The University of Jendouba, The Atlas Foundation, the International Association for Sustainable
Development, and the Middle East Institute for the Economy of Knowledge, with the participation of several
national and international partners, organize the first edition of the SMARTDEV Forum, from 19 to 21 March
2019, at Tabarka (Tunisia).

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