TechCamp is a diplomatic tool used by the U.S. State Deparment, to engage/empower specific groups like (civil society organizations, journalists, entrepreneurs and government representatives), by training them on the use of low-cost, easy-to-implement technological tools/concepts, making these groups more effective in the work they do.
The U.S. State Department has run more than 40 TechCamps, all over the world, on a variety of topics (that include women’s/youth empowerment, open data, crime and security, environment, modern media tools, combating human trafficking, social inclusion, health, education etc), in the process training over 2300 particpants from over 110 countries. “

The YES Alumni Association in Tunisia is organizing a mini TechCamp funded by the U.S. State Department from the 25th to the 26th of August. The conference is a 2-day event held in Hotel Novotel in Tunis. No fees are required.

The event will include a variety of trainings that cover a range of skills that we believe are essential for the personal development of Tunisian Youth with the help of a group of professional national and mostly international trainers.

* Tunisian Nationality
* Age between 18 and 26
* Currently attending university
* Being available for the duration of the conference
(Accommodation and transportation will not be provided )

Apply now on:
The application deadline is August 19th. This includes both the online application and a RESUME sent to us by email to (Please send the email with the subject line as « Last Name/ Name/ TechCampTunisia »). All applicants are highly encouraged to apply earlier than the mentionned date as that would be taken into consideration by the committee. Selected participants will be informed the following day on the 20th.

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact

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