The 1st international seminar on applied economics and business is established to discuss multidisciplinary issues in business and economics and encourage young researchers to present their work in an international environment. This seminar will provide an excellent forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications from researchers, academics and specialists in the fields of applied economics and business. By promoting the exchanges between researchers, this seminar will contribute to the development of theoretical and applied sciences in these fields.
In a context of growing complexity and uncertainty following the globalization of economies and the great revolution, companies, regardless of their sector of activity or their size and legal form, are subject to the strong injunctions of their national/ international environment. Specifically, this seminar tries to identify, perceive and understand the changes of the professional world in their different dimensions – social, economic, organizational and geopolitical, etc
(Please note that this is a provisional poster and the detailed program will be uploaded at least 10 days before the conference)
Conference dates: 15-16 mars 2019
Deadline submission abstract: February 20, 2019
Deadline submission full paper: March 3, 2019
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