“TOP” or Tunisian Olympiad of Programming, was initiated by ITA in 2011: Informatics Tunisian Association in cooperation with Microsoft and the Education Ministry of Tunisia. It is an annual programming competition for High School students. It is the largest Olympiad in Tunisia in terms of the number of contestants.


The contest was organized by the ITA « Informatics Tunisian Association » in compliance with high technical international standards and with the partnership of the Don Mills Online Judge, a Canadian Contest Manag. The Olympiad consists of 5 hours of computer programming and problem-solving of algorithmic nature. To deal with problems involving very large amounts of data, it is necessary to have not only programmers, but also creative coders, who can dream up what it is that the programs need to tell the computer to do … the hard part isn’t the programming, but the mathematics underneath it. Through this national computing contests 4 students will be selected in the national team to represent Tunisia in IOI: International Olympiad in Informatics which is the second largest Olympiad, after International Mathematical Olympiad, in terms of number of participating countries (IOI 2014 saw participation of 84 countries).


TOP scores are based on the number of points scored by individual team members on three problems. This year, Adam Khechnaoui’s combined score of 230 edged out, Fadhel Omar’s score of 220 and Ahmed Rkik’s third-place score of 220.This year a forth price added in the name of Ragheb ALLALA who was a brilliant contestant in TOP 2015, who sadly passed away in June 2015 , and this prize was accorded to Firas Trabelsi.

“Programming is no longer part of our future, it is our present” said Fadhel Omar

“Tunisia has to improve the Educational system especially in computer science” said Adam Khechnaoui
“Nothing is possible without programming in current generation. From you air conditioner to your mobile, everything is programmed, It’s time to wake up and teach our children how to code” said Ahmed Rkik’s
Members of the Tunisian team will represent Tunisia in IOI 2016 on Friday, August 12 to Friday August 19 ,2016 in Russia, Kazan , and wish them good luck.

« Last and not least, the Tunisian Olympiad of Programming is one of the most prestigious computer science competitions in Tunisia so it’s time to support our Tunisian team. »
written by Oussama ZEBDA
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