Tunisia tops the « Global Entrepreneurship index 2017 » ranking of African countries with the best entrepreneurship environment. Worldwide, Tunisia is 42nd on the list gaining 20 ranks compared to last year and ranking ahead of Italy, India, China and Russia.

In this ranking published by the « Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute », Morocco (70th) and Algeria (73rd) are respectively 5th and 6th at the level of the continent while Egypt (81st ) ranks 8th.

Furthermore, the United States tops the winners’ platform, ahead of Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands.

It should be noted that the « Global Entrepreneurship Index » ranking inputs various criteria including the perception of entrepreneurship by society, risk level, quality of education, start up creation skills, Internet usage, corruption level, economic freedom and depth of capital markets.

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